Private messaging feature arrives on Pinterest


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Pinterest has been updated by adding a brand new feature and now users will be able to talk about their respective pins one-on-one or in groups.

Pinterest, which does not have a direct one-to-one messaging option between users until now, will now be offering such an alternative feature to its users in this area. Users will be able to plan projects among themselves, create curator groups and plan projects.


Pinterest had received $ 200 million in investment last May, reaching a valuation of $ 5 billion. Now it aims to go one after the other to a wider audience with new features and, of course, to the already existing audience with features such as private messaging, increasing its use.

As you know, Pinterest was trying to sign big advertising deals to generate revenue in the first quarter of the year, and it wasn't long ago that it met its first advertisers and users.

Pinterest's messaging feature, where 2 million pins are entered each day, was officially announced via the Pinterset blog as well.

Pinterest's first employee, Yash Nelapati, created a new Sunday Place to address this problem by closely observing the fear of copying works artists put on the platform.

This Sunday place, called MakersPlace, allows art producers to create a blockchain fingerprint for each of their products. Thus, it becomes clear by whom the works were made, and the works can be sold in limited numbers.

Meanwhile, similar to Etsy, Makersplace has a 15 percent share on works sold by artists. Collectors, however, receive a cryptopara token that indicates ownership of digital print works that are not possible to change and are produced in limited numbers. This token can be stored in crypto wallets as well as in Makersplace.

MakersPlace, which has been in Beta testing for a year, is rolling out today. Dannie Chu, who led the growth engineering department at Pinterest for 6 years and co-founder of Makersplace, says about the venture:

When we were on Pinterest, we noticed that there were millions of digital creators who spent hours creating digital artworks, but they were struggling with basic things like referring to themselves. Their work was being printed, copied, shared, and as a result they made little money from publishing it online. If you can't create a sustainable model for digital creators to produce, you're left without art.

Let's add that this new venture is already attracting significant investors. Makersplace's $ 2 million seeding investment, led by Uncork Capital, included angel investors from the Draper Dragon Fund and Abstract Ventures, as well as Pinterest, Facebook, Zillow and Coinbase.

Inspired by the sale last year of a digital photo associated with crypto tokens for $ 1 million, MakersPlace has pre-seen how a Sunday Place could be set up for that business.

It is possible to say that this market is promising. Hiscox reported online sales of $ 4.64 billion in 2018, while Art Basel's annual sales figure stands at $ 67.4 billion. Markersplace is likely to take a serious share of the market with good positioning. Even Uncork Managing Partner Jeff Clavier cites Makersplace's market highlights:

MakersPlace has partnered with thousands of outstanding digital artists who have sold their hitherto unique artwork as a testament to the easy-to-use platform they built.They also created a flawless and fun one-stop shop to explore and collect digital artworks.