Outlook Express Tricks


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Outlook Express Tricks
1-if you are using more than one PC, you can set up Outlook Express to copy your e-mail and control it from the other PC you are using.To do this, open your other PC's Outlook Express and click on the 'Accounts' tab in the 'Tools' section.Select the properties here and go to the' Advanced ' section. In the dialog box that appears, mark the' Leave a copy of messages on the server ' command.

2-you can change the background of e-mails you send on special occasions.For this, you can find ready files in your Outlook Express.Click the' message ' section of your Outlook Express.Here, scroll to the' to use in New Message ' tab.Here you can use any graphic sample.

3-you can send any web page to any person by email.You can transfer any information you want about the Web page, or you can transfer any information in this way.To do this, scroll from' message 'to' new message ' when sending your e-mail.Enter 'Web page' here and type the URL of the web address you want to send and send it.This allows you to send the entire web page as an e-mail instead of the Web page address you sent.

Four- In OUTLOOK Express, you can block e-mail or news from people you don't want or from websites you don't want and prevent them from reaching you.You can use the 'blocked senders list' that you create to do so,just save the unwanted contact or organization addresses in this list.This means that emails from unwanted addresses will automatically go to 'Deleted Items', Not To Your Outlook Express 'inbox', you can look here if you want.Select the 'Tools' section of your Outlook Express and select Message rules from here. Click 'blocked senders list' and in the ' Add ' section type the email address of the person or organization you don't want to contact, and click OK to exit.

5-the background views you have selected in the e-mails you send will be enough for you to start with.But if not enough, you can create and use your own background.To do this, select 'Options' from the 'Tools' section of your Outlook Express. Click the' Create ' tab from the dialog box that will appear. tıklayın.Ve select 'Create new' from here.You can then continue the process by following the stationery Wizard.

6-you can send your e-mails without opening your OUTLOOK Express. To do this, go to 'run' from the 'Start 'menu and type' mail to 'in the dialog box that appears and press' Enter.You will see the dialog box where you can create a new message.As you know, just type in the e-mail address of the person to whom you will send the mail.This allows you to send e-mail without opening your Outlook Express.

7-if you want your posts to be checked and notified by Outlook Express,whether they are in official text or in-House correspondence sent via E-mail or e-mails sent to your friend, enter 'options' from the 'Tools' menu. Select the 'Text Control' section here.Then select 'Always check spelling before sending' from the window in front of you. And 'Apply', click on it.This option allows you to correct some errors in your posts.

8-you can create a business card for yourself if you want the e-mails you send to obtain contact information with you when they reach the recipient's hands.To do this, enter 'file' in the address book, click 'Contact' in the 'export' tab.You can save this business card,which contains various information such as your phone number,address,personal information, and workplace number, after selecting the contact you want to contact.

9 - some internet service providers may have limited the volume of e-mail you can send.E-mail is sent back to you by the e-mail server.It is actually possible to expand this volume.To do this, click on 'accounts' from the 'Tools' section of your Outlook Express. Scroll to the' properties 'section and select 'Advanced'.You can increase it to any degree by selecting 'cut message with more than 60 KB in size when sending' in the dialog box where you will see it.