I've been following the pinterest category


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I've been following the pinterest category for a long time.I've examined who is doing what or what kind of mistakes they take and eats at me.

On top of that, I decided once again to emulate the blogs of more than 20+ foreign women I followed.

I spammed it before.My accounts blew up, my sites were wasted.I mean, I've had the same problem that everybody else has.

But now I will continue with a very different project.The contents of the web arhicve or really print from scratch.I have about 46-47 issues that I set myself.For all women.

When I looked at the like of these subjects, I always found that the visuals were very much recorded.That's how I made this list.

First of all, I need a new domain in this project.I immediately registered a domain and applied for adsense today.

When Adsense receives approval, I will directly upload to the project.I plan to enter 2 subjects every day.

Apart from this, the number of images in the subject will be 4-10 pieces and I will also prepare a special Pinterest image for each subject.

My biggest help in this project and the add-on that will allow me to win imagets.com it will be. Thanks to the plugin, I will add beautiful visuals into the subject and make galeir.Düşünüyorum printing the logo on the visuals with the add-on. Maybe I'll do it in the yard, but I'm sure I'll do the logo printing. Besides, I'm going to crop the visuals. I plan to search images on google and pinterest and select images that are appropriate for pinterest sizes. I'll rename it on the plugin for each visual.To avoid Spam, or to avoid spam, whatever it takes to use all the features in the plugin will add visuals into the subject.

I intend to update the subject every day.

Todo list:
  • Domain retrieved.
  • Adsense application made.
  • Images licensed.
  • Pin account will be opened (after adsense approval )
  • Logo, and theme to be set
  • Other social media accounts will open.
  • Female profile to be created ( for imitation)
  • 2 content will be entered every day.
A sample subject image: click


My goal is to reach a daily gain of 20-40 tl at the end of the first month.If I get this data from the first month, I think the revenue will fold in the following months.