How to capture unlimited photos and videos on the phone?


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How to capture unlimited photos and videos on the phone?
If you're taking too many photos and videos and you want to have unlimited storage space, this is for you. Google provides you with a convenience and gives you unlimited storage under certain conditions. We'll tell you how to do that you in this regard.
You must first have a Google account and have the Google Photos app. Then you should open the Google Photos app. If you haven't made any settings before, go to the “Settings” section on the top left tab. From this section, enter the “back up and synchronize” section. From the “load size” section in this area, select the “high quality” one, which is the unlimited and free storage option. If you have this setting, now exit the app and take some photos and videos. After the application has backed up your content, enter the application again and enter the “Make Room” section on the left tab or “make room in the device storage area” section on the settings. This section will tell you how much space can be available to you. After continuing, your device will be free of space.

This allows you to clear your storage space and store your visual content in your Google account. The internet is required for these operations. If you want to look at your old photos and videos, you have to be connected to the internet. This allows you to have unlimited storage space.