How can you cash in on your Youtube account?


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You have a collection of amazing cat videos? Are the videos you made last year so funny? Or are you an expert in a particular field and you make videos? It doesn't matter what kind of shot you have. YouTube is the way to cash this in. You can have a nice extra income by uploading videos to YouTube that you think will be watched.

But don't think, however, that YouTube is a cow waiting to be milked. Of course there are Youtube users who make serious money but it takes time, determination and hard work to make big money from YouTube.

How can you cash in on your Youtube account?
You'll need to monetize your Youtube account before you start making money from your videos. To do this you need to be a “YouTube Partner.” So you need to give Google permission to place ads in your content.

Enable Making Money From YouTube

1-to activate your account to make money, you must open your Youtube account and enter the account features. Since this system has not yet become official in Turkey, you must first change the location. Click on my channel. After entering your profile, click Edit on the right side and change the city you live in to the United States and save it. Then, from the following link: click” Activate My Account." To continue, you must approve Google's terms of service.

To be eligible, your account must be reputable. If you have uploaded any copyrighted content or made bad comments neglecting YouTube's Community Guidelines, You will not be allowed to open your Google videos to monetizing.

2-after you have approved the terms of Service, your account will be activated and the “make money from videos” button will appear. Click on this and you'll see a screenshot.

This is where you have to decide what kind of ads you want to include under your videos. Overlay ads are small banners and appear under videos. TrueView (in-stream) ads play before your video starts. Choosing both types at the same time is not the right approach. You can switch from one ad type to another based on the content of your video.